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Jan 14, 2018
17.71 km | 1:52:56 | 6:22 min/km

Jan 13, 2018
11.16 km | 1:09:53 | 6:16 min/km

Jan 11, 2018
9.55 km | 1:04:47 | 6:47 min/km

Jan 10, 2018
7.05 km | 40:55 | 5:48 min/km

Jan 7, 2018
10.23 km | 1:09:22 | 6:47 min/km

Too Much, Too Soon

January 13, 2018

Whatever gain I thought I banked from my first week of this 2Q Marathon Plan was pretty much erased this week.

It started on last Sunday with a 10K Recovery Run. My muscles felt fine, my heart rate was normal, and breathing was easy. I was not pushing any sort of pace but an acute twinge in my Achilles (both left and right) showed up around 7 km. I ran through it, focusing on keeping my calves relaxed. I stopped to walk for a bit at 8 km and that helped calm them down a bit. I did my best to lightly jog back home but the damage of too much mileage was done.

Monday was a forced day off and that lead into Tuesday. On Tuesday, I laced up the shoes and walked, determined to get blood flowing into my tired lower limbs. On Wednesday, I was brave enough to go for a carefully planned easy run around the neighbourhood. Running close to home meant the first sign of a twinge, I could stop my Garmin and comfortably walk home; I got 7 km in.

Thursday was more injury prevention running, but this time I wised up and finally found a treadmill to run on. I have not been on a treadmill in months (last August) and it was time for me to get a punch card for the fitness centre at my local arena. I ran for time and by heart rate on the treadmill and was able to get 65 minutes of easy running in. My Achilles, especially the left one was still on the mend, but I felt good that I was still getting time on my feet.

The rain finally broke this afternoon (Saturday) and I was able to clock some more time running easy outside. I got 11 km in this afternoon though I am still on the mend.

There was a component to the program I followed for the Victoria Marathon that I have been neglecting this winter; that was mobility work. Stretching and massage have never shown there full worth until tendons become sore and guitar string tight. This week, the thought of not getting to Vancouver healthy had me refocused on getting the soft tissue work in so that setbacks like this are not as big.

A hard lesson learned. Clocking 64 km and cramming 3 Q-Days into a 2Q week was an unhealthy choice. I have little choice but to run super easy as I heal tendons that are sore.

First Week Back At It

January 6, 2018

My first challenge showed up near the end of my first run last Sunday. Going out on my first Q Day in a brand-new pair of shoes may not have been the best decision. A blister formed behind the ball of my right foot. Grrr...

What looked to be the size of a dime after Sunday's run, by the end of the week was as large as a toonie (Canadian $2 coin). A good first Q Day (minus that blister) was followed by easy running and a struggle on the second Q Day. Weather had me move that second workout from Thursday to Wednesday and my legs let me know that an extra day was needed.

I did get a night run at easy pace on Thursday as there was a break in the rain. I really enjoyed running in the dark; therapeutic might be an adjective I would use. Along with the lack of light, there seemed to be a lack of noise from the city.

The Daniel's 2Q Plan, besides the 2 workouts a week, revolves around a target for weekly mileage. My target for this week was 51 km. Going into today, I had just 6 km of easy running to reach my target. It is winter here in the Pacific Northwest and rain, sometimes heavy, is a reality. One of those rainy systems is due to hit in the middle of the night. I decided to run tomorrow's Q Day while the weather was nice, and I will run that 8 km in the rain tomorrow. For the time being though, I am at 64 km for the week; that is another Personal Best!

Happy 2018

January 1, 2018

I can say that I have not made any specific New Year's Resolutions for this 2018. It is pretty hard to predict the future. Last year for example, I started 2017 thinking about kayaking adventures and doing the local Times Colonist 10K in April. I had zero thoughts, notions or conceptions of completing a marathon. Now I have a shirt, a medal and the entry fee paid for a second attempt at 42.2K; if I have a resolution, it is to continue to see where this running journey will take me.

I did resolve to try a different training program however. Yesterday was my first day on that plan.

The first "Q Day" of the Jack Daniel's 18 Week 2Q plan had me start of with 3 miles of easy pace, then 4 miles at marathon pace, then 1 mile at threshold pace, 1 mile back at marathon pace and finally 2 miles of easy pace to bring it home.

I plugged this all into my Garmin and it converted the workout in to kilometres; which was cool. Running the efforts miles, or fractions of kilometres however, was something of a new experience. In my head I have learned to gauge an effort in whole kilometers, but needing to hold yesterday's threshold pace for an extra 600m was an "adjustment".

The unintended result of yesterday's run was a 10K personal best. It was a terrific way to finish 2017 and start 2018.

Shoulder Check on December

December 28, 2017

Christmas has come and gone. Being just a few days away from wrapping up 2017, I am about 16 kilometers away from a yearly total of 1,400 km. I set out 2017 without an annual running goal so 1,400 is a bit of a novelty.

This past December, I bettered the mileage I ran back in June; my first full month prepping for the Goodlife Victoria Marathon. I am feeling good with the maintenance phase that I have put in this winter.

Next week, the training for May 6th begins in earnest. I am going to use a different plan for Vancouver; Jack Daniel's 2Q plan. It seems to include a more balanced training week than the "Full Potential" plan included with Garmin Connect. We'll see how to goes!

2017 Distances

Footnote: Total km for 2017 was 1403!