Discovery Island Marine Provincial Park

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Not to be confused with the Discovery Islands near Johnstone Strait, Discovery Island is a popular kayaking and camping destination just a few nautical miles east of Victoria on southern Vancouver Island.

With this year's "Super Moon" appearing this weekend, I packed up my gear and set out to paddle over to Discovery. The weather was sunny, the winds were calm and I had a slack tide for the trip. Departing from Cattle Point, I reached the north-west shore of Discovery in 30 minutes. Shorty after, I landed at the park's campsite, near Rudlin Bay on the island's southern shore. Once my tent was set up, it was time to explore and find a spot to watch the moon rise over the horizon.

From the campsite, a trail leads through the forest to the south-east corner of the island, where in 1858, the "Sea Bird", an American steamship caught fire and was run aground saving the lives of its crew. In 1886 a lighthouse was built on Sea Bird Point and manned for 110 years before being automated in 1996.

My vantage point for catching the moon rise was not far from Sea Bird Point.

The next morning, I paddled around the east side of the island, at what was surely the lowest tide of the year. Given this trip's proximity to "home", I look forward to doing this one again.