My First Kayak

Monday, February 11, 2013

Throwing a backpack over my shoulders and getting out to explore nature is something I love to do. Living on Vancouver Island is the perfect place for this sort of activity. Kayaking may be a natural extension to hiking and a kayak should get me to into places that I have yet to explore.

There is a catch. Unlike hiking, kayaking, the ocean and all that encompasses the two are very new things to me.

I have been digesting all sorts of information about different makes and models of kayaks. What I believe I want, is a boat that can pack my outdoor gear, and allow me to efficiently go further in a day's paddle. I built a short list and found this…

An outstanding sea touring, expedition kayak with excellent tracking, performance, glide and overall handling characteristics. The Looksha Elite is the kayak to get you there. This kayak has bow and stern hatches with bulkheads for a combined storage capacity of more than 200 Litres (can hold up to thirteen 15-liter dry bags!), yet its responsiveness is unparalleled.

Today I purchased this all black, carbon fibre, Looksha Elite. The boat feels like there is more there than I might be able to handle right now; this is an exciting proposition for me. I am not just going to sit in it and move my arms a little. I might have to develop a new skill set.

So I am “all in” with a new kayak. Now to discover what “all in” really means!