Rule #1: No Swimming

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

On the drive along BC Highway 14, Reuben and I caught glimpses of the ocean; the Straight of Juan de Fuca looked pool table flat this morning. We wondered between us if we would be paddling in waves or would today be just another paddle. Our last trip out here with the kayaks was in the middle of summer and the conditions were flat then too. Pulling into the CRD parking lot at Jordan River, the waves looked ”almost terrifying”.

We were immediately met by our friend and kayaking mentor, Rowan G. He was stoked that we made the trek out. Knowing that this would be our first time to paddle in a surf break, he laid out some rules for us.

Rule #1: No Swimming.Rule #2: No snaking waves. I silently wondered, "What does

he mean?" Rowan described surf etiquette and pointed out Jordan River’s features; stuff I would not have otherwise considered. On the water were surfers, stand up paddle boarders and kayakers. Each group loosely kept to their own area as each sought different wave types. Within each group, people took their turn on the waves. Getting on a wave that someone already occupies is not an accepted practice.

Rule #3: When you are off the wave, use a transit area to

get back in line for the next wave. This was an easy one to spot as people would transit back out using an eddy line formed by the river as it flowed out to sea.

Rule #4: No Swimming.(see Rule #1 if unsure about this one)